This new and exciting electrical accessory wall mounting system gives a truly flush-mounted electrical plate for the UK market and has been developed by Focus SB Ltd in collaboration with architects and designers SHH.

All existing UK electrical accessories which are flat or raised plate have the edge of the plate above the plaster. The new Focus SB Smoothie® is designed to fit the plate flush with the plaster and because of its method of construction, removing or inserting the plug does not disturb the surrounding plaster.

A smooth fit

When fitting the new Focus SB Smoothie, the mounting box is fitted into the wall (minimum depth required 60mm). The surrounding specially engineered mesh provides a firm key for the plaster. The depth of the insert modules inside the box can be adjusted to ensure correct fitting.

Plates fit flush with the plaster

Once the mounting box and grid has been fitted to the wall and plastered in, the insert is then fitted and wired in. The faceplate is then painted/wallpapered and fitted and if the installation has been carried out correctly, the plate will fit flush with the plaster and only an outline of the plate and plugs pin holes are visible as shown opposite.

A smooth operator

The precision engineered system of the Focus SB Smoothie allows the plate to fit flush with the plaster making it seamless with the wall. The plate, which is supplied primed, can then be painted or wallpapered to match the surrounding wall. Plus, an additional feature is that the socket mounting plate can be adjusted deeper into the wall and a blank plate (optional extra), which is held in place with magnets, can be used to remove from sight the socket slots when the socket is no longer to be used. With this system it may also be possible to manufacture the faceplate out of material other than metal. Please contact our technical sales office on 01424 858060 to discuss your specific requirements.

Fit with any inserts

The Focus SB Smoothie can potentially be fitted with any inserts so the possibilities are endless. Call our team on 01424 858060 for further details.

View or download Smoothie brochure and/or download technical data sheet.


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FS18.2B Smoothie in Wallpapered Wall with Black Interiors

FS11.2W Smoothie in Painted Wall with White Interiors

FS11.2W Smoothie in Painted Wall with White Interiors

FS11.2W Smoothie in Painted Wall with White Interiors

FS18.1B Smoothie in Painted Wall with Black Interiors

FS18.1B Smoothie in Painted Wall with Black Interiors

The simple fitting process

Step One Position and fix back box and mesh surround to the wall

Step Two Wire in the electrical accessory and plaster flush to the metal edge

Step Three When plastered and decorated the front face can be positioned